MVMT’s Raptor Automatic Is the Perfect All-Day, Every-Day Watch

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THE RISE of hybrid work spaces mean most of us are back to buying office clothes, which means we’ve been spending less time in our WFH sweats and house slippers. But some of the best new pants, shirts, and jackets we’ve been buying are infused with the creature comforts we’ve grown used to while remotely working. Chinos are infused with stretchy fabrics like our favorite joggers, dress sneakers are loaded with Cloud Nine-like cushioning, and polo shirts have moisture-wicking technology to keep you looking and feeling cool. In this new menswear-free-for-all world, we still want clothes that can keep up with us, and look great doing so. Ditto for watches. Sure, you can slap on a fitness tracker on your wrist and call it a day, but no other piece of jewelry says you’re a grown-ass man quite like an old-school timepiece. And if you’re looking to invest in one that packs tons of style and durability at a reasonable price point, look no further than MVMT.

Since launching in 2013, the California watch brand has been churning out some head-turning, eternally handsome tickers that won’t break the bank (entry-level watches start at $120). And in a time when we’re all looking for clothes that provide a bang for our hard-earned buck, MVMT is the perfect watch of the moment, adorned on the wrists of hardworking, active guys who want something sharp and simple. And MVMT’s latest drop, the limited-edition Raptor Automatic, has become our all-day, every-day timepiece. Here’s why.

It’s Made to Last

Just like the men who wear it, MVMT’s Raptor collection is a hard worker. It features a bigger face and more durable construction than MVMT’s other minimalist tickers (while still looking just as fly). And with the brand’s limited-edition version, the Raptor is made even tougher, featuring materials made from high-end sports cars. Think: a titanium case, a ceramic bezel, and a sapphire crystal glass that can withstand wear and tear, making this ideal as an every-day watch. Plus, if you were planning to take it on the open water, the Raptor Automatic has a 100 meter dive rating.

From a comfort perspective, we were pleasantly surprised at its secure-but-cozy fit. The watch’s molded silicone straps feels stronger than those attached to a typical smartwatch, but feels just as comfortable. Seriously: after wearing it all day at the office, it felt like a second skin. Take it out for a test ride during your weekend errands, and you probably won’t even notice you’re wearing it.

It Looks Great With Just About Anything

Yeah, the Raptor Automatic is tough as nails, but it’s also easy on the eyes. Since being acquired by luxury watch conglomerate Movado in 2018, MVMT has leveled-up its materials, and this limited-edition Raptor Automatic is no exception. Its dial is made with forged carbon, and its handsome face is embedded with Swiss Super-Luminova accents that glow in the dark. Our favorite feature: the watch’s open-heart dial that shows the machine’s inner-workings that flicker like a butterfly. Let’s face it, this watch is less made for telling time than showing others you have great taste, and in that aspect, the Raptor delivers.

The ticker’s bold design gives it a futuristic-rugged vibe that plays nice with casual and formal fits. The Raptor dresses up our sweats, and adds a casual spin on our nine-to-five blazer-and-slacks combo. Personally, we found it works best under a classic bomber jacket and jeans, for a foolproof drinks-in-the city look. In other words: you can wear the MVMT Raptor Automatic with just about anything.

The Final Verdict

Peak pandemic, we saw less guys sporting old-school watches, but now that we’re all stepping back into the real world, there’s never been a better time to invest in a premium timepiece like the MVMT Raptor Automatic. Its ruggedly handsome design makes it as a tough as it is beautiful, and you can sport it for work, workouts, and everywhere in between, which means you get a ton of mileage out of it.

And if you’re looking to buy one, we suggest acting quickly. Like we mentioned earlier, this version is a limited edition, with only 500 tickers in stock. And while it’s more expensive than MVMT’s typical offerings, its high-end construction is comparable to premium watches that are double its price. So whether you’re an office workhorse who’s looking for a great-looking timepiece to go with, or an avid outdoorsman who needs a ticker that can take a licking, the MVMT Raptor Automatic deserves a hard-won place in your wardrobe.


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