Everything We Know About The Biker Mice From Mars Reboot

Presumably, the new series will pick up where the original and the revival left off. In the beginning, the show followed three motorsport enthusiasts from a race of humanoid mice that inhabit Mars who make their way to Earth as they flee their home planet to escape a hostile takeover by the Plutarkians, a race of disgusting fish-like creatures that travel the galaxy and drain planets of their natural resources. After discovering that a Plutarkian infiltration of Earth had begun, the Biker Mice join forces with a mechanic named Charlene “Charley” Davidson and set up a base in the scoreboard of Wrigley… sorry, Quigley Field to stop the spread of the alien threat on Earth while also trying to figure out how to get back home safely.

Then in the second chapter of their adventure, after making their way back to Mars, they return to Earth with Martian scientist General Stoker. They flee to our planet in order to rebuild a machine called the Regenerator and evade the evil Catatonians (yes, they’re a race of cats). These foes are trying to rob Mars of the little water it has left and stop Stoker from rebuilding his machine that creates more life-giving liquid so that the inhabitants of the Red Planet can survive. 

Despite no official word on the creative team or plot details, I feel like the next logical step for new villains is a race of bird-like aliens facing off against the Biker Mice. Not only are they natural predators for mice, but the visual of places versus motorcycles could be really cool and provide imaginative options for toy vehicles and play sets.

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