P.L.N Enters a Gothic Apocalypse for FW23

Founded by Peter Lundvald Nielsen in 2020, Danish label P.L.N has continuously explored the deepest layers of self-expression. While Nielsen pulls design cues from European punk culture and international workwear, Fall/Winter 2023 saw the designer examine the polarity of extremes.

Presented in Copenhagen’s Bella Center, guests were welcomed into a spacious dim-lit room illuminated by circular spotlights. The space exploded with hardcore techno beats, making the showcase feel more like a rave than a runway. Models walked through the square-shaped room with eerie energy while stands of hair grew from their eyelashes, covered their faces, and adorned footwear that stomped into darkness.

Heavy sustainable practices were found left, right, and center, seeing P.L.N partner with Circulose® to create fully-recyclable textiles that keep our planet at the forefront. Buttoned belts concealed models’ chests along with dyed hair that hung below, matched with leather bottoms and utilitarian cargo pants. Distressed chunks of leather accompanied slashed biker shorts and cropped puffer jackets, while tops transformed into head covers and glossy leather was embellished with circular studs.

Take a closer look at P.L.N’s FW23 collection in the gallery above.

In other news, STAMM listens to its inner monologue for FW23.

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