Must Read: Sergio Hudson’s Path to an American Fashion Empire, Kering Reportedly in Talks to Aquire Tom Ford

These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Friday.

Sergio Hudson is building an American fashion empireAfter two successful deals with Target and Amazon, Sergio Hudson no longer needs to beg to do fashion week because “stores call [him] now,” he said in an interview with Vogue Business. Sergio Hudson co-founder and CFO Inga Beckham says that introducing more people to the brand through these mass retailers is a symbol of a bet taken on the label’s future. “Target is all over the country and people like Target. The clothes will be gone in three months, but the name recognition will remain,” she says. {Vogue Business}

Kering is reportedly in talks to acquire Tom FordThe French luxury conglomerate is now competing with beauty giant The Estée Lauder Companies to acquire the Tom Fordfashion label. The Wall Street Journal reports that Kering is in “advanced talks” to buy the brand. The news comes a few months after the Wall Street Journal reported Estée Lauder was in talks to buy the brand in a $3 billion deal. {Business of Fashion}

Beauty brands are going after microinfluencersWhen it comes to choosing influencers to promote products, brands are looking to those with under 100,000 followers, otherwise referred to as microinfluencers. Data from Tribe Dynamics indicated that microinfluencers generate a greater expected monetary value than any other tier. “Microinfluencers have this level of authenticity that makes them feel like a neighbor or family member — someone you can trust,” Alanah Nixon, Vice President of influencer relations and social media at Anastasia Beverly Hills, said. “They help [Anastasia Beverly Hills] connect with audiences that we would otherwise simply never reach.” {WWD}

Jonathan Anderson wants to demystify luxuryWhen Jonathan Anderson took on the role as Loewe’s creative director almost 10 years ago, he said he aimed to build a “cultural brand.” Under his direction, Loewe sponsors museum exhibits, book launches and other art-related events. Anderson said, “ultimately, it’s about celebrating people doing things with their hands, which I feel that is what Loewe does. I think sometimes when people go into a luxury store, they feel like the bags just appear, but there is an amazing group of people who make them.” {WWD}

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