Inspired by Sailors, Engineered Garments Made Coats to Weather Storms

Ahoy there, sailor. Most of the collaborative stuff that Engineered Garments is releasing for Fall/Winter 2022, from sneakers and derbies to Palace gear, is pretty cool but doesn’t quite fit the season’s nautical motif.

This new collection changes that.

See, Engineered Garments’ Fall/Winter 2022 collection was inspired by The Lighthouse, Robert Eggers’ minimalist black-and-white horror drama. This inspired the selection of heavy knit cardigans, thick deck jackets, knit watch caps, and beefy overalls but it’s not quite the same as the stuff seen in the film.

On one hand, that makes sense: EG makes approachable clothes that anyone would look good in, so it doesn’t much make sense to go all Willem Dafoe cosplay. On the other hand, EG founder Daiki Suzuki is obsessed with authenticity, so he wanted to go straight to the source for FW22.

As a result, Engineered Garments is debuting its first collaboration with British legacy brand Gloverall, the originator of the duffle coat as we know it.

Engineered Garments’ Side Vent and Retractable Duffle coat epitomize a hybridization of brand ideals. You have the heavy-duty melton wool exterior that’s both insulating and weather-resistant, blown-up pockets, intelligent button closure and a generous cut that’s classic EG.

Those buttons are important, because they lend each item different properties: on the Side Vent, they adjust the vents or fasten the jacket around the wearer’s torso to keep it from being tossed around by the breeze. On the Retractable Duffle, snap buttons allow for hem length adjustment, making for a customizable fit.

Available on Nepenthes NY’s website and its Garment District outpost, the Gloverall coats are everything that Engineered Garments does right.

They parlay with Suzuki’s obsessive military reproductions, they fit the seasonal theme, and they also just so happen to look pretty damn cool. Oh, and they’re guaranteed protection from the elements. What more could you want?

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